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What We Do

Compassionate anesthesia care – before, during and after your procedure.

The role of the anesthesia provider extends beyond the operating room. Your provider will meet with you prior to your surgery, and complete a preoperative assessment. Your state of health and the planned surgical procedure will be taken into account to individualize the safest and most comfortable anesthesia plan for you.

During your procedure we will monitor you, your vital signs, and other important information relating to you and your surgery during the entire length of time you are receiving anesthesia or sedation.

The anesthesia provider also manages patients postoperatively (after surgery), while the patient emerges from the effects of anesthesia. We manage acute postoperative pain, cardiac and respiratory resuscitation, and blood transfusion therapies. To see the full range of anesthesia procedures see our Services and About Anesthesia section.

We work with your health care team to evaluate, monitor and supervise your care before, during and after surgery, delivering anesthesia, and ensuring your optimal safety.